Publicly Tolerated Economic Hitmen

Yep.  For those who have been paying attention to world events these past decades, this dead-on, clear and concise video doesn't teach us anything new; it just lays it bare.
Realizing that this is a sick, demoralizing and dehumanizing reality is the first step. However, the second step shouldn't be where most of us are at, i.e. blaming corporations.
These corporations aren't plucking money out of the sky; whether as investors or as consumers or both, we willingly give them our money and find weak, self-centered justifications for doing so, constantly closing our eyes on this very reality. It is our collective yet individual-driven consumer lifestyles that create, support, and tolerate this.
Blaming corporations is too easy--it's even become an important industry and genre.
But, in this reality, it all starts with the "I", not with finger pointing.
Only once each of us is willing to play an active part at the individual level can we truly unite towards a real, positive change.

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