If No Handcuffs, What About Whips?

By: N-J Lefebvre

An open letter to that much touted, "American pursuit of justice":

It would appear as if Obama’s definition of “change” offers us a new class of Robber Barons, one that is entirely above reproach. That, or an entirely new approach to justice. Either way, the question, “where are the handcuffs,” (see video, below) should rise out of the American public like excess bile, forcing a collective need for relief that isn’t easily appeased. Yet, nothing. 

It wasn't all that long ago that we witnessed the destruction of lives at the hands of the Savings and Loans Associations (S&L) and their dirty dealings. It was a gut-wrenching tragedy to witness, leaving a bitter taste of just how unconscionable a certain class of men-in-suits can be; life savings had vanished, the sweat and toil of entire lives dissolved in the hands of a ravenous few. That debacle cost the American government a hefty $87.9 billion to cleanup. Guess who was left holding the bill? 

Although thousands implicated in the S&L crisis were arrested and jailed, once the dust had fallen, how does the quasi-cozy institutionalization of a thousand patsy employees and a few upper-management fall guys even compare to the systematic bankruptcy of hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting Americans? Although not offering anywhere near a balanced form of justice for such a huge hammer of destruction, and even though, naturally, the majority of the top echelon, give or take a few scapegoats, escaped to pillage another day, we could feel that, at least, something had been done. 

Today, we’re witnessing something altogether different. This new wave of fraudulent banksters have outdone the criminal bunglers at S&L, and in so doing, they’ve stumbled upon a secret formula for becoming the invisible men of financial fiefdoms. Seriously, an image of Lloyd C. Blankfein, C.E.O. of Goldman Sachs, unraveling  bandages in maniacal glee as he pushes the American public down the stairs doesn’t seem farfetched.

Frankly, I'm gobsmacked at the lame reaction of the American government to this blatant, public greed fest, which, inevitably, leads to this question: who's deluded and who's colluded? 
Come on America, wake up and smell the dirty greenbacks! Let's whip justice back into shape! It's time to put these criminals where they really belong, in a good old fashioned pauper's workhouse.

Hopefully, this recent coverage (by corporate media, to boot) will spur a real call to action:  

© 2011, N-J Lefebvre

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