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Other than the young, hip-wannabe-yet-nerd-filled software firms or indie mags where I have worked, all other working environments that tolerated a radio being played always had to have the dial set at one of the more popular stations. This would drive me crazy after a while; I could set my watch according to the some of the songs that were aired. Musical tastes aside, I personally can’t understand why anyone would want to listen to such stations at work – makes the daily routine even more obvious.

However, what deeply annoys me about commercial radio stations can best be described by the picture, above. Call me weird but yes, I like hearing a song from beginning to end! When such and such an artist composed his song, I really don’t think he had intended for any instrumental space to be used as backdrop for announcers and radio personalities, or as advertising space, nor as mixing or fading in or out space to allow for more commercial time.  

Imagine if museums had a similar approach and sold off any canvas space they deemed to be unnecessary to the appreciation of an artistic piece.

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© 2011, Pascal-Denis Lussier (entirely modified repost; original post Feb. 09)
Image: Mona Lisa is from stock photography and collage by Pascal-Denis Lussier

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