And, Magically, The World Bank Awakens

Yesterday, in a release made by Agence France-Presse (AFP), World Bank President Robert Zoellick finally “mentioned” what the Earth has been screaming for over a decade:  “I mentioned [to the G20] that we are reaching a danger point."

The G2o and related World Bank Group chiefs and cohorts met in Paris, France, on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 18 and 19, 2011, hoping to reach an agreement on indicators measuring global economic imbalances. (source: Reuters)

According to Zoellick, rising food prices, the cause of the most obvious of imbalances, “would eventually result in increased food supplies but in the intervening couple of years, ‘there could be an awful lot of turmoil and governments could fall and societies could go into turmoil.’”  (Agence France-Presse)

Now, does that sound like an intelligent statement to you?  It’s just missing the “like”, “man”, “and totally” to sound like it was uttered by a naive, isolated teen who’s just learned the word “turmoil” in between doing nothing more than play video games for most of his life.  World Bank President. Wow! Really?

And isn’t the rising price of food, especially as it pertains to grains, directly related to a worldwide shortage that’s made itself wholly evident in the 80’s and has very clearly continued to worsen since? Naysayers have been warning us about this for decades, and even Henry Kissinger long ago pointed to this reality while also adding that controlled food shortages was the best means to control a people. And here we are... The abusive and warned trying to be the warn-ers.

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), this shortage, fuelled in great part by government-sanctioned corporate exploitation of the third-world  (encouraged by the World Bank Group), is responsible for food prices going up as much as 181% since 2007 alone.   
The only way that this increase in price can lead to an increase in food supplies is that certain entities would rather retain food and allow people to starve to death than sell it at a cheaper price.  Of course this surplus will drive prices back down, but all that supply/demand stuff is just greedy, silly yo-yo talk when one considers the real reasons behind the situation.

That the World Bank made such a statement during yet another G20 meeting and more than a month after the FAO announced that food prices have reached a record high, putting millions at risk of death by starvation, is just empty, carefully planned PR put out by the very people who are greatly responsible for all this mess.  Nice spin, Bob!  Beyond the, “the problem isn’t us and the despots we support, it’s food” approach, surely, what we’re meant to read behind Robert Zoellick’s statement is: Oops!  We’ve gone too far; we’ve lost all control; we’ve reached that point.     

And their solution is to feed us fake concern as they gather in posh surroundings to agree on statistical tools and indicators so they can continue to play god, but now do it in a more informed manner?!  

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Photo credits: "A Long Day Ahead;" Oil & Acrylic painting by Pascal-Denis Lussier

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