But Enough Brandless Animals Also Form a Herd

Here is an interesting design created by liam.jon_d
But, although I try very hard to be that 'check-less' sheep, I am continually faced with the fact that this simply places me in a different herd for which different labels apply and on whom different marketing techniques are used; try as we may, some things are inescapable. Or, as I like to say, "even the recycling plants pollute."
An anonymous Flickr user reminds us of Monty Python's Life of Brian when he comments on this pic: "[they] summed up the conundrum beautifully when Brian addressed the crowd telling them they were all individuals. Funny enough just like that, but they went further when one lone individual peeped up in a sheepish voice - 'I'm not.'"

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© 2009, Pascal-Denis Lussier
Photo credits: 'Go Cleanskin!' by liam.jon_d

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