Much Needed Words on Groups, Animals, and Pedophiles...

Yes, I know; it has been a while, again.  Life... what can I tell you.  
But be happy, in a way, for this subject pumped me full of productive anger... I really wanna talk about this Facebook group: "why test on animals when we have pedofiles in prison." [sic]  

Please read all the way through before reacting to anything I have to say.  I’m  aware that the millions of people who have joined the group will probably hate my point of view, but hey! that’s nothing new. Common sense is not always popular opinion... And indeed, not enough people are looking at this topic objectively, willing to give it some serious thought.  What I’m usually seeing are purely reactionary attitudes, and albeit “proper” and understandably justified, this is far from being the type of approach that, in the long run, is going to improve matters.  In fact, it worsens things. 

Firstly, what are we to make of the fact that every single post on the group page contains serious mistakes; the author can’t go more than ten words without making at least three grammatical/spelling errors. The creator continually makes jokes and excuses concerning his English skills, but so what?!  Never heard of spellcheckers or dictionaries?  Can’t take the time to do a bit of research? The subject isn't deserving?  Well, that’s obvious...  
Anyhow, the qualityat any level or angleis proof enough that this whole thing was born out of an impulse to act on a sudden idea rather than careful planning in the hopes of instilling serious change; either that or it’s all a well-planned scam to, no doubt, extract info from as many members as possible.  However there’s an authentic naïveté to the page that makes me think some teen geek cooked this up in between episodes of Family Guy, unwittingly allowing him his “fifteen minutes’ of Warhol-ian fame and that’s it!   Could that explain the owner’s anonymity?  Raises questions.    
Unfortunately, s/he isn’t competent or dedicated enough to use the platform to direct serious discussions or establish goals.  But the number of members sure seems important.   Conversely, people have clicked, and can therefore feel good – now time to talk about the weather and post links to Garfield stuff.... The world will change! Yeah, right!  Wake up, people!

Out of the thousands of posts and comments, less than 5% actually discuss the topic in any serious manner.  The rest is spam, crap about the weather, comments about pets, empty hurrahs, and twisted Hallmark morals.
Believe it or not, I’ve read more interesting YouTube threads.  Hard to beat!  And last time I checked people had posted 148 “fan” pictures of their pets or favourite cartoon animal. WTF?!

As far as I’m concerned, over 1.6 million people (to date) have clicked on "like" without even giving the subject any serious thought.  And their hate-filled comments confirm it.  Because if they had, they wouldn't be joining such a group unless they're willing to admit to possessing latent Republican, gun-toting, cross-burning tendencies. And I honestly don’t think most people who have joined this group really arbour those feelings. It’s just that they’ve given this less thought than that ever important question: “what’s next on TV?” 

This is the type of ignorant bandwagon-jumping that really irks me.  And I know few like to hear what I have to say... and I can’t help my tone, sorry; I’m profoundly upset. 
And why should I care so much?  Perhaps because I DO care and honestly DO WANT and strive for a BETTER world.  My morals aren’t just politically correct buzz phrases I spew out at cocktail parties, nor do I have a second set for when I’m with my drinkin’ buddies.  I actually believe what I believe in, the philosophy I’ve laid out for myself built on a solid framework of logical arguments.  So when I say that I don’t believe in violence, I don’t continually adapt elastic morals however way I feel just so they fit and are justified by my emotions, I act in accordance to my morals and contrast my emotions to them – if I have violent feelings, I’m outside my sphere of true beliefs, period.  No footnotes.  I’m not saying that provoked and necessary self-defence is in the wrong, I’m not gonna play Gumbi to any sudden attacker, but I REFUSE to condone or participate in any acts that arise out of aggressive attitudes leading to violence.
THE why test on animals when we have pedofiles in prison PAGE PROMOTES THAT, VIOLENCE.  And it seeks to make it morally acceptable to do so by promoting utilitarian hypocrisy; it’s clear that the 1.6 million people who joined don’t truly care about animals nor, for that matter, the environment. “Why test on animals” but who cares about the daily abuse done to millions of chicken, beef, lamb et al. on “meat” farms across the world, right?  Wonder how many vegetarians are in the lot?   
So yes, bravo. So let’s treat mentally ill people like sub-human monsters worth less than pet-worthy animals—already a reason why matters are getting progressively worse—but let’s do so legally.

How typically human: a tortured, suffering soul only deserves sympathy if the “trouble” in question doesn’t involve a taboo that falls too far outside of acceptable societal mores.  We tolerate and even encourage any compulsion that can be “safely” marketed and successfully exploited, and yet we choose to be totally indifferent towards, condemn, and opt for violent solutions when the side effect of all we tolerate manifests itself in sickening ways.  Destroying pedophiles by the time they can be categorized as such is senseless.  It’s trying to resolve a problem by attacking the result, not the cause.  If you’ve got a process that produces faulty product, you don’t just let it produce more faulty items so you can toss them in the garbage, you get the ‘system’ fixed. 
Why can’t people have the same basic consideration towards ‘faulty’ humans? Why are so few people willing to put their energy into truly productive, non-vengeful and “love”-filled solutions?

Different thing when you're a victim or the parent of a victim, of course; anger and hatred is more than normal, provided it's targeted at the perpetrator, and not, as a consequence, at an entire class, race, or gender... currently, this is all too often the result of our uncaring attitude.  But from those not directly involved?  What is their motivation for wanting such destructive, equally violent vengeance against convicted pedophiles?  I tend to think this is linked to some sort of collective blood lust combined with easy scapegoating because torturing those who have reached the 'acting-out' stage does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent further sufferers, be they potential pedophiles or victims.

Not an easy thing to do, but think "big" picture!
But we're too busy pretending to believe in some religion or other while we go buy more Calvin Klein and American Apparel stuff (you’ve seen their ads, you know what I mean) as those who can afford it go to Thailand and Taiwan and any other place teeming with sleazy tourists seeking to capture someone else’s youth for a few welcomed and tolerated bucks! And let’s fight for our right to view the lewdest acts possible within a few clicks, and our well-earned right to buy dildos on any corner or visit a peep-show at any hour.  Let’s celebrate the stars that sing of sex as they grab their groins in front of our kids.  And why don’t we let our kids buy those glossy sexually-charged, ad-packed magazines that teach the ABC’s of empty principles and let’s let them absorb the Hollywood bimbo values and ultra-violence dictated by the next gaming trend and CGI effects...  Let’s pump them full of synthetic, sugar and fat-filled crap that alters their minds.  Let’s reward our girls with botox and implants and let’s not talk to our kids about GHB and Ecstasy... or anything, really. Let’s blame everything and everyone else but ourselves when kids are now having consensual sexual relations at age 12 and going to blow-job parties by 13.  And let’s not question why there are more types of recorded sexual perversions than there are educational TV shows.
Let’s make a big deal about a boob on the loose on prime time TV while Hustler is clearly available in any quaint convenience store and everyone has access to shows like “Sex in the City”.  Let’s tolerate all the adverts and all the ways by which we are all asked to objectify others and think sex, sex, sex, but let’s make sure we castrate any male who now dares to openly exhibit or discuss his hyper-stimulated natural urges.  Prostitution is bad but it’s okay when college girls are doing it, they’re merely taking advantage of a situation...
Just shake your head and don’t forget to close your blinds when some kid is screaming down the street.  Phew!  Need a full-body massage?

And let’s not pay attention to any of that... Easier to spit on a troubled mind because such behaviour is beyond our scope of comprehension... or compassion. And no, I’m not saying we have to forgive them and be honky-dory with such foul behaviour.  Violence towards children sickens me.  But I want a change.  Read on...

It’s all a vicious cycle.  Remember this (for some reason few people ever mention it or seem to take it into account): nearly all pedophiles (not including the touristy kind—no stats for those; speaking of self-confessed or captured offenders) claimed to have been physically and/or sexually abused when they were young.  Most cases include siblings (highest), parents and relatives, neighbours, etc., and rarely are the offenders complete strangers to their victim.
Now, if pedophiles are monsters who were once the victims of monsters who were once... How the hell is any plan suggesting we legally treat them like monsters going to change matters, not to mention that its very existence reinforces counter-productive attitudes. Easy to want to experiment on some sicko in some other Province or State, but what about when the sicko is a member of your family and your own actions may have had a direct impact on their behaviour?  How far are you willing to dig into your own family secrets and closets?
We create these sick individuals. Pedophiles are the result of human folly, and the only way we seem to react towards this issue is with more human folly?! 
When are people going to stop pretending we don’t all play a role in perpetuating and even increasing this type of behaviour?  And honestly, do you really think pedophiles are happy being pedophiles?!?! Is anyone happy with their diseased mind, knowing that society’s unwillingness to understand and openly address the problem means they’ll never have a healthy, normal life?
Granted, pedophiles represent the worst of humankind--our grotesque flaws and failings personified.  They are a big part of our collective shame, and so, in typical human fashion towards anything that makes us uncomfortable, we’d rather bitch about the aftermath than assume responsibility and play a positive part in bringing about change.  People prefer to dump puss and venom on these people.  Didn’t people react the same way towards schizophrenia and similar illnesses some years back? Didn’t we drill holes in their head hoping evil spirits would be released? Until we finally gained enough wisdom to develop lobotomies, that is...
Seems to me this group page suggests a return to such practices.

Again, I’m not trying to convince anyone that we should shake their hands, pat them on the back, and offer up a friendly nod, or that we should abolish all jail terms for sexually-based crimes.  I’m encouraging understanding and an openness to see beyond the consequences so we can attack the cause. 
If society adopted a less destructive, more responsible and proactive attitude towards the problem, perhaps it would cease being such a troubling taboo that does nothing more than create ticking time-bombs.  Perhaps then pedophiles would be more open to help, to programs, as well as participating in controlled means of channeling their compulsions towards acceptable but equally gratifying methods of satisfaction instead of fearing for their lives, bottling uncontrollable emotions to an explosion point...  No doubt, everyone would be willing to invest more time and money in order to study the problem in more depth and develop new solutions if all were able to see pedophilia for the devastating disorder it is, instead of blindly unleashing so much mis-directed anger and hatred.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, this includes victims.  In such a world, they’d certainly be more willing to report and speak of any victimization; to seek help and to externalize and free themselves of the shame and the guilt that allows their victimizers to manipulate them, which then festers unattended until it produces the unstable monster whose life is, according to group members, worth less than any animal (except the chickens!).  After a few generations, surely the matter would improve.
And if all parents were a bit more present and interested in their kid’s lives, who knows?
And imagine if all played a part in assuring that everyone has access to a basic level of quality  education.
And what if we sought to resolve hunger and poverty and all forms of injustices that usually breed hatred and violence?
What if we took it upon ourselves to eliminate violence by refusing to dole out violence? 
What if we finally decided to be honest with ourselves and stopped justifying our own contributing attitudes and actions and decided to play anything but a passive, judgmental role in the face of our modern woes? 
What if we treated all humans as humans?

So when all you could do was spit out fruitless hate and blame upon hearing of some pedophile’s vile acts, what were you doing for the victim? And when the pedophile you’re willing to torture was just a wee child victim, what plans were you willing to partake in to help him avoid becoming another victimizer, another statistic?  With torture?  With empty clicks?

And no, I’m not for animal testing!  There’s another solution for that too.

In any case, in any situation, ignorance is the gateway to violence.
Please, those having joined the group, all I ask is that you give the subject some serious thought.  
Of interest: Child Molester Statistics

Keep on clicking! 

© 2010, Pascal-Denis Lussier


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your awesome article. I had to join this nasty group just so I could put in my 2 cents worth about the ignorance of these kinds of thoughts. It's pretty scary to think that so many people really believe that this would never happen in their family. So lets just wonder some more about why this issue of pedophilia is growing more and more each day.

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