The Worst that Can Happen

It took me forever to be able to post this picture, the thought of writing on the subject and seeing it on my blog disturbed me. And how could it not, right?  But this is reality.  Make no mistake, this is a result of our uncaring society.  It's a process, not a choice. It's a slow descent down to this level, and beyond a certain point, modern society--a macrocosm of corporations, acting as a pure externalizing machine--does everything to bring some people there, especially the mentally ill.
Frighteningly, this world is within anyone's reach, given the wrong string of terrible events...

In this shot, the homeless man needs to have his clothes peeled off of him by a doctor, over a years worth of urine and feces having fused them to his skin, collected in his shoes, and gave birth to maggots.
According to doctors, this is a fairly common "procedure" for homeless people who have been forced to an E.R. for one reason or another--the ones that don't die on the street.  However, this tends to limit itself to larger cities with cold, snowy winters.  I think it is fairly obvious why.  If not ask. That's as much as I want to say about the picture...

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