Silly Marketing:

I know, this commercial is old stuff, but they recently brought it back out so...

Granted, ads may be catchy, but they're also downright stupid, albeit good indicators of the 'empty' values being promoted in the name of consumerism. Checking out your credit report is not a bad thing (although our obsession with it is...), but the reasons being promoted as to why we should use their services certainly are.

Is having a house and a yard really more important than living the rest of your life with your dream girl??? Isn't she worth a few years of sacrifice? Can't he use this same service to help her rebuild her credit instead? Where's the love? Had he known she had bad credit he'd be a happy bachelor??? Has marriage really become some sort of business partnership?

All their commercials clearly promote the idea that owning cool things is a must in life; if not, you’re a loser. Or rather, should I say that they are merely exposing our behaviour… This other commercial blatantly addresses the reality we seem to have allowed corporations to create for us; modern society is built on credit and we need good credit to be ‘good’ and accepted… You’d have to live in medieval times to think otherwise.

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