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This pic was sent to me by a reader (thanks Peter M.); I believe it's called "Corporate World." However funny it is, this is unfortunately the kind of 'corporation-bashing' that, as it turns out, says more about people than about corporations. Our North-American take-everything-for-granted/everything-is-owed-to-us egos certainly have just as much to do with the reality behind this type of inefficient corporate structure as does corporate excess.

So here's my take on this: the city-worker cliché can also be extended to any other societal group.
For example: to describe the typical 'bourgeois' attitude, simply replace the captions with things like: I don't give a sh*t; I got my own problems; Those fat cats don't pay me enough; I don't want to be here; I studied to be here; I'm really an actor...; I would, but..., etc., and then replace 'Herbert' with words like 'Third world labour,' or 'World Hunger, or how about simply, 'Needs Help'...
Other fun themes to play with are: Republicans, the Catholic Church, IMF, Neighbours, etc.
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