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Blah, blah, blog! My blog! Why? Why not!

I always have lots to say, and who doesn't like to have an audience? And let's face it, the way things are going these days, blogging has got to be far safer than pushing one's opinions on anybody within earshot at one's local Tim Horton; they won't even let you deliver a sermon to their clients anymore unless you buy at least one coffee or donut! Since, as a writer, my budget doesn't allow me the cost of a coffee or donut each time I want rant, here's my blog.

People who know me often describe me as smart, insightful, witty, a wicked-punster, thought-provoking and, occasionally, a morally-stubborn arsehole!! People who don't know me are welcomed to use any of those words to talk about me, but I only really accept morally-stubborn arsehole from those that do know me...

Every week (or whenever I get the chance) I'll fire a verbal tirade on a subject that has struck me as significant, significantly ridiculous, ridiculously ludicrous or simply, significantly and ridiculously insignificant yet still worth mentioning!

Confused? Me too! I'm getting a headache...

It used to be "keep on trucking" but times have changed; keep on clicking!


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