Different Shades of Stupid

I know... I know... But I'm back! Lots of reasons why it's taken so long for me to be active on this blog; the laziness of summer, PC problems and a lack of focus due to considerations about "career" and "direction" all prompted me towards taking a break from certain things, this blog being one of them... Time has a way of creeping by.

Anyhow, here I am! with more attitude.

And the first thing I want to do is vent on my and on the behalf of all those of you with brains... I offer a public f*ck you to all the stupid-as-Venus-flytrap moronically brainless dim-witted idiots who spam their stupid-ass pathetic attempts to recover their investment into some lame-as-dead-celeries multi level marketing scheme. If you're one of those: Wake up! People have caught on!!! There's at least 4 million of you doing it per day, if not per hour! If everyone could make $10,000 a week doing nothing, don't you think we'd all be "squeezing the Charmins"!?! You are not alone. You ain't gonna get rich and don't expect my buck!!! People are sick and tired! You are deluded and getting frustrated anyway... So F*CK YOU!!! STOP!

Realize that butt-witted ideas like Multi Level Marketing and pyramid schemes, along with infomercials, are prime examples of communications being put to what I like to refer to as Cheney-istic uses! What do I mean by that? To avoid confusion, I mean: The naturally evil kind i.e. I don't care if I rob you of your meal 'cause you're clinging to a dream, just as long as I get your buck and a 5th house by the ocean, I'm happy! Communications driven by that kind of attitude... adopted by the toxic kind of humans who whack-off to print-outs of their bank's e-statements, as every syllable of the word 'exploitation' pumps blood into their ball-less shafts. Those with whom a five minute conversation has the same effect on a soul as dining on a still soft and humid mound of manure... All you people: F*CK YOU TO HELL!!!

And proof that scum comes in all shades, there's the smug, Ayn Rand-minded beings whose entire definition of self depends on their BMW. Those whose total lack of soul is equivalent to their lack of brains. They aren't naturally evil - they just see an opportunity to be and blame it on humanity... These are the people that develop the damn spamming and phishing software; those that infect pc's with ads for Internet security software that links back to them (How f*cking insulting can you be, right?!?!); those that steal info, create popcorn explosions of pop-ups, etc... And in still different shades, those that suddenly beg us to handle a multi-million dollar inheritance for a small but never ending fee, and darker still, steal identities and plague every recess of the net... All those of you who force us to spend good money on protection for all kinds of cyber-puss, F*CK YOU ALL!!! You deserve to be stripped naked in public and whipped by everyone whose lives you infect!!! Shame on you.

And all this sure is a profitable business for anti-this-and-that software companies... just saying is all.

Keep on clicking!


© 2009, Pascal-Denis Lussier


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