Words for Cows - What a Great Deal!

Do you love a good read? Do you want to make a difference?

Then please help out!

Goldfish Press Publications already devotes a lot of time & effort into publishing great books, but now they are also producing great reads that actually go beyond GFP's belief that: "brilliant writing has the ability to [...] change lives and set those affected by it on wondrous paths never before imagined." How? By providing you with a direct path between the printed word and helping less fortunate families with their fundraiser for Heifer International--an organization that buys cows for hungry families.
You can help by purchasing copies of The World According to Goldfish Vol I - Looking Past, and Vol II - Sight. Two poetry anthologies that will really make a difference... These anthologies are being sold separately and will be printed in a limited first run edition so please order NOW! These books will not only feed your brain and soul, they will also help feed the hungry! What more could you possibly ask for?

Order copies for yourself, your friends, and your family members. Your purchase can make the difference between this becoming a truly successful fundraiser and forcing GFP to pull the plug on this terrific project.

So order!
Visit Goldfish Press Publications' Fresh Catch! Catalog. And, since this is a fundraiser in support of Heifer International, why not consider ordering a few extra copies--Christmas is coming!!!
Fresh Catch!

Did I already mention that you should order?!

Keep on clicking!


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