Economy is Down, Racism is Down, but Hatred is Way Up!

I half-watched “Les grands reportages” on RDI last night as I worked at my computer; the bit on Red Bull turned out to be interesting and raised many questions, but since it was the story on hate groups that had made me tune to the show in the first place and the original reason behind this post, I’ll save Red Bull for another post…

I actually flicked on my TV in time for this one, rather than a half hour after the show is over as I tend to do with virtually everything I plan to watch (except The Simpsons... I've got those on DVD...); the afternoon radio promo for the show had done a good job at sparking my interest when it simply asked (I’m paraphrasing): Racism having always been a brutal part of U.S. history and a blight on their international reputation, is Barrack Obama’s rise to power a real sign that things are changing and that American attitude is shifting away from its cruel past?

The journalists behind this report tell us yes…and so no.

Apparently things are indeed changing! Throughout the U.S., membership in hate groups (neo-nazis, skinheads, Klu Klux Klan, 88, etc., etc.) has grown exponentially since the last election, along with the actual number of active hate groups now functioning inside the U.S.:
The pre-Obama election estimated number of hate groups: 300;
The post-Obama election estimated number of hate groups: 900

Does it come as a surprise that most of these are clustered in the South-East?

And I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if we were to learn that Dick Cheney and G.W. Bush actually fund more than a dozen of them! OK, that may be a cheap jab, but…

So…yes! Indeed, things are changing… the U.S. is slowly changing back to a pre-Rosa Parks America... but at least people’s minds are widening and opening to new cultures… members of hate groups are expanding their sphere of hate; this time, it’s not just the blacks, it’s all the non-whites (and then some)!
And so…no! America is not moving beyond its cruel racist past.
This may surprise many, but we need to remember that although New York and L.A. may be the two major hubs and may project an entirely different image, they aren't the U.S.; everything in between is where it's at! Afterall, it is America's 'heartland!' And the heart is badly infected...

Seems I wasn’t too far off the mark with my January post entitled “Obama's Victory - So What if He's Black?” which truly questioned whether or not there was actual cause to rejoice…

I won’t go into a lengthy rant as I try to get a handle on the subject of hatred and ignorance; so much needs to be said… I will however say just this: it really is unfortunate that rednecks don’t read Amin Maalouf! His latest work, Le Dérèglement du monde, in which he examines the role of immigrants as crucial mediators between cultures, would surely help them to see the futility of such hatred and why all that energy needs to be focused elsewhere...

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